Burger and Relish (Osu) Accra Ghana

Burger and Relish (Osu) Accra Ghana
Business Timing

Monday: 12:00 – 11:00 PM
Tuesday: 12:00 – 11:00 PM
Wednesday: 12:00 – 11:00 PM
Thursday: 12:00 PM – 1:00 AM
Friday: 12:00 PM – 1:00 AM
Saturday: 12:00 PM – 1:00 AM
Sunday: 12:00 – 11:00 PM
Contact Number
+233 54 012 1356
Average Rating
Corner and, Dadebu Rd, Accra, Ghana
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04:34 am 2020/09/15
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05:11 am 2020/06/08
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14:32 pm 2020/05/23
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22:42 pm 2020/04/04
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02:47 am 2020/03/21
Haim Lewy

Very good hamburgers, welcoming service and board games for the kids.fast food with a touch of gourmet fusion. Recommended at any time.

14:50 pm 2018/04/03
Ababio Amponsah

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08:25 am 2018/04/12
Albert Osei

Very cool ambiance and reliable cuisine

19:13 pm 2018/04/10
Robin Large

Great food in a relaxed setting. Smart and well presented. Staff were superb. Attentive but not intrusive.

06:12 am 2018/04/12
Prince Yayrator McEric Dake

This place made Turkish cuisines my favorite. The meal is great and the setup makes the meal even greater!

11:52 am 2018/04/16
okai teye

Well decorated and set out, the terrace begs a little maintenance though. Food tastes good, albeit a bit pricy

19:03 pm 2018/04/09
Charles Emrys

Good place! But always check your bill to verify with what you really ate.

09:35 am 2018/04/12
Romuald Krasensky

Great venue for evening meal. Highly recommended. Food, wine and staff were all to the top.

22:39 pm 2018/04/10
Samuel Abbey

Wait times during lunch can be a little long and parking during said hours is terrible, even though they have the space. Excellent tasting food and lovely wait staff. I think the best experience would be outside of their peak activity periods.

15:48 pm 2018/04/14
Rosalind Kainyah

One of my very regular and favourite haunts. Love the atmosphere. Love the food. Grear service. And the owner is simply the best!

14:53 pm 2018/04/10
Dorian Straub

Great service, great food. Good vibe.

09:17 am 2018/04/08
monykarh asynarhm


09:23 am 2018/03/10
Kwabena Agyei Danso


12:52 pm 2017/06/22
Selorm Ahorlu


01:10 am 2017/05/20
Fredrick Adjei

Was amazing after get my drug

16:07 pm 2018/04/10
Patrici Oppong

Waiting staff should be more knowledgeable about menu choices. However management very customer focused, so a plus there. Food is good value. Thank you

13:31 pm 2018/01/28
Grant Mitchell

Food and atmosphere were exquisite. This place would have a following in my neighborhood in Houston. And to find in Accra was awesome. Staff were very friendly, typical for local ghanains actually, and had a fantatsic time.

20:05 pm 2018/04/03
Michael Takyi

Beautiful and cozy environment. Friday night live band is amazing, you'll love it and ooh moderately affordable prices. Looking for a place to wine and dine amidst some good and captivating live music on a Friday night? Burger and Relish is the place to be.

10:34 am 2018/02/05
Rudyard Amanor

Beautiful ambiance... great food.... their burgers is the best I have tasted.... quite expensive but worth it....

01:05 am 2018/03/15
AJ Fanning

I ordered the impressive looking The Boss, double cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, sauce, and the featured deep-fried pickles. When the burger arrived, After waiting 40-50 minutes, the hottest part of the sandwich was the fried pickles! The meat and cheese were cold, void of any juices I've come to expect from a gourmet burger. It did have a nice flavor, it just needed to be HOT off the grill! The handful of fries that accompanied the burger were nice. Ordered The Game cocktail and it was a pleasant drink. Fine alcohol mix and good flavor. The rating is based on the Burger. As a place which specializes in this type of food, they missed the mark.

17:54 pm 2018/03/04